Native american inmate pen pals

Regional Break Time. Best wishes and thanks for your support - toja. Find all posts by toja. Sponsored Links. Hau Toja I take it that is something that you run seriously to benefit the bro's and sisters behind bars.

native american inmate pen pals

If so then it is a good contribution in all possible ways. Walk in beauty. I also opened another website www. I do and pay all myself. I highly reccomend Toja's site! It is full of great info specifically about Naitve prisoners and Native people in general. The penpal section is where I met my sweetie too! They do not take into account that offenders are only human, and that humans make mistakes Thanks for the website!

I'll be passing it on to a couple of my Native pen pals that are hoping to obtain more pen pals. Find all posts by LeaAnn. I am happy you met your Sweetie on my website Blueviolet.

If you are not listed there and want to be, please tell me. Great site. Id have to say that Toja has a great site! I meet my boyfriend there and some great penpals to.

Find all posts by JessicaS. Find all posts by Lucidity. I will send him my form. It is great to know people care Last edited by life2thesequel; at AM. If he is registered with the Lumbee tribe, he should contact them. They should work with him n order to mail him one. And often times, not familiar with this prison, they need to come from a source like their tribal council. You can find info and phone numbers online for them, and make calls yourself to ask who he should write to.What are prison pen-pals?

Prison pen-pals are inmates who exchange letters with non-incarcerated pen-pals. Inmates have been turning to WriteAPrisoner. We post profiles, photos, and contact information of inmates.

Once you have selected a prison pen-pal to correspond with, you have the option of sending your first message free of charge. Contact with prison pen-pals is then maintained via postal mail or programs like CorrLinks and JPay. Inmates cannot access their WriteAPrisoner. We are a pen-pal website only. Inmates pay for pen-pal profiles.

That income is used for operating costs as well as our ScholarshipsWelcome Home KitsReintegration Profilesand a host of other non-commercial Community Programs targeted at reducing recidivism and ultimately helping inmates help themselves. Research shared on our Why WriteAPrisoner page and the Federal Bureau of Prisons shows that both male and female prison pen-pals who establish and maintain positive contacts outside of prison walls, pursue educational opportunities, and seek normalization through friendship, etc.

Inmates from county jails, state prisons, federal prisons, on death row, and in rehabilitation centers across the country have posted profiles. We also have prisoners listed from outside of the United States.

native american inmate pen pals

You can conduct an inmate search of inmates not listed on our website by using our Inmate Locator. Inmate lookup options are available for each location.

We also encourage you to join our Prison Forum to talk with other members about related topics, such as what to expect when you meet an inmate, death row, correspondence, visitation, different departments of corrections, and more. By using or accessing WriteAPrisoner. Percentage of district attorneys in Georgia's 46 judicial circuits who are African-American: 2. Justice:Denied magazine publicizes cases of wrongful conviction, and exposes how and why they Resource Directory Back to Top.

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Post a free Employment Profile for an inmate here! Sex - Any - None Male Female. Deorbra Woods Louisiana - 33 Pen-pal Profile. Sean Gaines Arizona - 39 Pen-pal Profile. Christopher Padilla Texas - 38 Pen-pal Profile. James Lopez Texas - 32 Pen-pal Profile. Frank Guida Oregon - 26 Pen-pal Profile. View All Pen-pal Profiles. Poll What is the primary way you stay in contact with your prison pen-pal?

Recent polls. Tony Haro. Voted for times! Kiyoshi Higashi.Write Native American Inmate Penpals.

Asians in Prison: pt.4 (Allies) Native Americans

Hello, my name is Shayne. I plan on furthering my education as soon as possible. Welcome to my profile page! Thank you for taking interest. I hope this can be the start of something special. Whether it be a friendship or if it leads to something more, something special. I am looking forward to any correspondence that is positive and constructive. I am looking for someone to share my thoughts, dreams and ambitions with, as well. I am Native American.

I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am physically fit and enjoy playing sports. I like spending my time reading, writing and working out. I enjoy sporting events, long drives, slow music, watching movies on rainy days and spend as much time as I can outside on sunny days. I love building things and good debates. I grew up in the mountains.

Native American Prison Pen Pals California

I love everything outdoors; hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, hiking etc. I prefer the quiet of the country. Things that are important to me; honesty, loyalty and family. I grew up rough and poor but it sure made me appreciate the little things that I do have. I have 3 beautiful daughters and they are daddies girls.

I have long hair and wear glasses. I have 7 tattoos and 6 piercings. I love music, laughing and having fun. I love being outside and spending time with family and friends. I plan on getting educated with my time to reduce. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Public Information. Know an inmate? Wishing there were something you could do to help them?

You can help them right now. List an inmate.Write Native American Inmate Penpals.

native american inmate pen pals

Hello there. Recently blessed with family visits which means I have the opportunity to spend the weekend with my loved ones. Lived in Michigan a majority of my life. Really just looking to meet an intellectual woman to have some nice conversation with. Not looking to get married or into a relationship, but if it happens, then it happens.

No opposed to it, but not against it either. I am a sensitive person. I am very lonely here and would like to have a person to write. I am excited to have some letters to answer and someone to correspond with. I look forward to. Hi- my name is Jay. I am looking for someone who is looking for someone real. I am looking for family- for loyalty and for family. And if it is. I am looking for someone to write. Someone who is real, and likes to see the good in life. I would like to get to know someone that would encourage me, as I would encourage them too.

I feel that life is way too short to look at it from a pessimistic view. This is my first time in prison and it will be my last. There is much to be done in this life for me to be behind prison walls.Hey Friends, I go by Raymond my middle name. I am from San Antonio, Texas.

I hope this message finds you well. First of all I would like to say How yall doing out there ladies? My name is Shaston and I am looking to meet new people for friendship I'm looking to meet new people for friendship and correspondence.

My hobbies include listening to music, reading, enjoying the I hope that my introduction can allow us that opportunity! Hello, I would like to begin by introducing myself. As you can see by my profile, my name is Jason The desire to meet new friends or find that soul-mate Hello: Thank you for taking this great opportunity to read this profile and getting to know a little bit about The mission of Friends4Prisoners. Prison is a lonely and desolate place for anyone, even those with supportive families.

There is only so much to look forward to while incarcerated. Receiving mail, making new friends and learning about other cultures is exciting and can greatly help pass the time. List your loved one today on Friends4Prisoners. In order to make changes to a profile we need to verify your email and the id of the profile first.

Latest profiles Featured. Gary Raymond Gonzalez Jr. Russell Allen-El hello, how are you doing? Shaston Jiles How yall doing out there ladies? Nathan Smith Hey! Jason Matthews Hello, I would like to begin by introducing myself.

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Angel Rivera Hello: Thank you for taking this great opportunity to read this profile and getting to know a little bit aboutI know three awesome Native American guys who are seeking pen pals.

You can veiw their profiles and pictures on Facebook by typing in "Native American Prison Pen Pals California" I can vouch for each one of them that they are respectful, caring, kind, funny, interesting, attentive and creative.

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They really are amazing individuals. They are simply lonely for contact with the outside world. Box 92 Chowchilla California Every time I think I want new pp's sigh I always seem to stop on his ad. I don't know what made me not write to him. Seems too good to be true I don't believe, ha ha! I'm so jaded. And now he has someone vouching for him! You know That's funny that I would recognize his name just from having cruised through here so many times!

Some of the ads are perma-ads! How lovely that you have this ability to "share" him like that. Sounds like a lovely guy. I've been doing this for years and every time there is some sort of drop off and I think I could write to another person, he's always been one I thought would be great to write to.

Isn't that awful that I get so jaded that even nice people start looking suspect, ha ha!!! I'm always glad for people when they get to share themselves. How long have you been together? If you don't mind my asking.

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It is always important to walk in their shoes and know that the opposite of loneliness is connection and prison breeds a certain kind of loneliness I've always seen the prisoners that are the most successful at doing time are the ones with the most connections and friends.

Most people searching for penpals never look at this forum In my opinion You only have access to edit a post for something like 10 minutes after you've posted it.

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Your regrets must come quickly :. And lordy haven't we had some regrets on this forum, ooooooooooooooh doggie! Nothing that Yellowbird has written here could ever come close to touching some of the madness that has flowed like a river through THIS forum in the past!!!!

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Prison Pen-pals & So Much More!

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